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  • KC Pruitt

Time is still the enemy

What inhibits your creativity as an artist? How can these be overcome?

When started to think about these questions, several things came to mind that might inhibit my creativity. Distractions such as thinking about a hundred other things that need attention and rationalizing why I should put off creating art. The grass needs mowing, the honey-do list, changing light bulbs. How long does all of that take?

Next I thought about focus or lack of direction. I must have a plan of action to achieve my goals. The challenge is including time for creativity in any action plan. The adage fail to plan, plan to fail rings true. Do something each day that involves art. Plan for it, put it on the top of the list and just do it.

Never be afraid of failure. Making mistakes is how humans learn. The most important thing is to make a new one each time. Many people I know worry about things that never happen. The time spent worrying takes away from all other activities. Never fear criticism. Instead, use it to achieve higher goals. Get out of the comfort zone and try new things. Homeostasis is a huge inhibitor to achievement.

Many people give up on life. They stop being active and grow old. I see retirement as a waste of time and it causes one to grow old more quickly. I do not want to become stagnant. I have too many things that I missed and/or still want to do. It seems that as we age, time grows exponentially shorter. To live life to the fullest, give as much time as possible to creativity.

The underlying theme here is time. Use it wisely, when it is gone, and it goes quickly, it becomes a memory and memories fade. Do not waste your time. Time is precious but it is still the enemy.

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