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  • KC Pruitt

Writing Struggles

On June 5, 2017, I began a course of study which hopefully will lead to an MA in Studio Art. I find the most difficult thing involved is with writing. I struggle with most is following guidlines. I have never had to write and cite so much. When I was an undergrad, no one had ever heard of the internet. Personal computers did not exist. Most papers were written in cursive longhand. A few were typed on a manual typewriter. I received a BA in 1973 with both Major and Minor in Art. I struggle with citations and formatting. I also have to work very hard to consider answers to multipart questions. I worked in an office when we started using PC's and took the Microsoft courses of Word, PowerPoint and ExceI. However, my laptop crashed and I got a new Apple device with both Microsoft and Google appliations. I am far from a master of the technology but I am working on that. Just this morning submitted three short essays via Dropbox. This was the very first time I have used Dropbox. It took five trys to do so. I think I finally got it right. The essays were submitted as attachments. I took a short course on google applications last summer but have only used a couple of the thus far. I use an Apple Ipad and have an Iphone so I am getting the hang of things. Now, to improve, I need to practice writing, arranging thoughts in logical sequences and make sure that everyting I write makes sense. I have a tendency to chase rabbits which leads me astray. I need to work diligently on focusing. Most importantly, I must pay attention to what the other students are doing. They are all younger than I as are the Professors. Feedback is helpful also.

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