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Resurrection of an Icon

Resurrection of an Icon, KC Pruitt, 2021, 48 x 48 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

This body of work focuses on resurrection. Not the restoration of the soul but the rebirth of an icon-- my 1956 Corvette.

It combines three of the things about which I am passionate: drawing, painting, and motor vehicles. The paintings are a representation of dismantled parts of a rare example of automotive history awaiting rebirth, a reminder of what it once was and a prediction of the future through a few examples of my vision. The heavy texture and quick swipes in the paintings signify the disjointed roughness of the collection of parts and pieces that have been dormant waiting to become once again a whole. There is a certain beauty in the deteriorated parts. They are worthy of being remembered as they are now. I am the documenter of the resurrection through paintings and drawings and facilitator of the iconic restoration as parts and pieces are combined to become, a renewed masterpiece of transportation design that combines round, straight, sporty lines, balanced proportions, with the elegant, dainty appeal, of a near perfect shape creating and uncommonly attractive automobile that does not rely on an overabundance of garish chrome trim to enhance its look.

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