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Thoughts on Contemporary Art

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

The contemporary art world is alive and in a constant state of flux. The exciting part to me is the journey through time. I chose time as my topic to lead a discussion. From the reading and ensuing discussions, it became clear that we are only able to live in the present which quickly becomes the past. We remember the past and have artifacts to prove it was once the present. We can look toward the future but will never live in the future. We will not know about the future until it becomes the present. Contemporary art always points toward the future and raises questions. Where will it lead? What is the next big thing? I look forward with great expectation.

Thank you, Dr. Emily Newman for taking me and my peers on this journey. It has been enlightening, fun and an experience I would recommend. It is one of those nebulous experiences about which one may dread, but in the end, becomes something that would not be traded for any other. Thanks to my peers and friends who participated in the class and the insight you shared with us. I would not trade this experience for anything.

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