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  • KC Pruitt

Identity Specific yet Broad

I was thinking about my identity; What things make up my identity? Specifically, I need to start with my name. Before my birth, my mother and grandfather argued over what my name should be. He wanted me to be named after his favorite uncle. That is a scary thought because he named his own children Ima Lee, Ala Mae, Alta Rea, Martha Ella and Elwin Clem. Mom got the of best name of the litter, Martha. Fortunately, His favorite uncle was named Kenneth. Mom wanted to name me Craig. They reached a compromise. Mom said “I will name him Kenneth Craig Pruitt. But, I will call him Craig. This created a myriad of problems. When I started to elementary school. The only way they could fill out the paperwork was to list my name as Craig K. Pruitt. Some employers listed me as K. Craig Pruitt. I answer to both names and the primary identification, Texas Driver's License lists my entire name.

A DNA test would reveal English, Dutch, Scot and Native American. The Pruitt’s, from England, disembarked at Chesapeake Virginia in 1701. They settled in Prince Georges County Maryland. Later the clan sold the farm and moved to Georgia. Two brothers moved to White County Arkansas in 1857. I was born in Little Rock. I made homes in Arkansas, Texas and California. My parents influenced character, temperament and drive. However, they allowed me to be independent, never insisting that I be a dentist or go to a military academy as they wanted. I studied Art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I served in the Air National Guard for ten years. I have been a brakeman on the railroad, laborer, lifeguard, salesman, banker. and knowledgeable in several unrelated areas. My brain is filled with a lot of seemingly useless trivial information that often comes in handy. I am a working artist and educator.

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