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One Artist Who Deals With Identity Issues

I often work in new directions in my art. I try to experiment with different styles. I identify with a couple in my portrait and genre paintings. I am not searching for my identity. However, I am working on a few new and different processes to help me grow. I am working on an MA in Studio Art and experimentation, and diversification is necessity. The following story is about a realidentity struggle.

The identity struggle is real. In 2008 a new exhibit at the Novas Gallery in London debuted. There were 14 names by paintings at the exhibition, but all were the work of one woman. Kim Noble has dissociative identity disorder. The exhibition, All of Me, featured works by each of her 14 personalities. The work is quite remarkable. I included links for those that want to see the work. The names listed are Abi, Anon, Bonny, Dawn, Judy, Karen, Ken, Key, Mimi, Missy, Patricia, Ria, Suzy, and Unknown (has not given herself a name.) The exhibit contained 30 paintings by each of her personalities. Each of her artist personalities has its own style of painting. No memories exist between some of her personalities. In 2005, her therapist suggested painting as a means of relaxation. By 2009, she had produced over 200 pieces through her multiple identities. The artists have developed their unique styles and themes and has had seven solo and seven group exhibitions.

Kim is artist in residence at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting South West London.

In addition, in 2011, All of Me, a book by Kim Noble and Jeff Hudson is the true story of how I learned to live with the many personalities sharing my body.


Biography: "All of Me", Release date 6th October 2011, Piatkus-Little Brown

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