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  • KC Pruitt

How often should one go see art?

This is an interesting question. How often do you think you should go see art? It is important to look at art daily. However, unless one is employed by a museum or gallery, it is impossible to go see art daily. It is important to visit and see art in a gallery setting or to go to the museum whenever possible. The Dallas area is blessed with many galleries and museums where one can see art. For most people, this is no often enough. Another good possibility is to use social media to explore art and artists worldwide. One can follow several museum websites and magazines to keep abreast of what is going on. It is also possible to follow artists on every continent inhabited by indigenous people. Many artists choose Instagram to do this. The artists keep will keep you informed about what is going on with their work. One can get information about gallery openings, shows and see a more art online than is possible in person. Since artists worldwide are using social media, on should look at every morning and evening. Whenever a local artist that is followed has a show, try to visit it in person. Local gallery openings are a way to put oneself out there and see what other contemporary artists are doing. There are several artists that post progress paintings on Facebook and Instagram. Many Dallas area websites are available for anyone interested. Following museums online is an inexpensive way to see art without travel. One should always be curious about the art. The van Gogh Museum posts daily photos of his work, including the size, where and when it was painted. These are also available on Facebook. When planning a trip, one can use information from daily social media posts to determine what is available. The benefits of seeing art in person far outweighs social media. Go to museums and gallery openings. One can benefit from this through improved knowledge, become a better artist or patron of the arts and make decisions about art.

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