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  • KC Pruitt

Do you enjoy having other artists around the studio?

Do you enjoy having other artists around the studio? What are the pros and cons to having others around? A studio bustling with activity can be a distraction unless the activity is focused on producing art. Personally, I enjoy working in a busy studio. Having others nearby, working on projects can be inspiring. Often the other artists are a source of positive reinforcement and inspiration. I find sharing of ideas and suggestions helpful in developing a piece. Being able to talk about work with different artists is exciting. Meeting other artists and learning from them is a big benefit. Experiencing people involved in this passion makes being an artist fun and fulfilling. Critical analysis and feedback is very important. Another artist is more likely to give an honest opinion as to whether or not they like the work. Friends and relatives will usually say they like your work even if it is bad. Concentration is paramount to working. When painting, I have the ability to tune out activity and noises. I work within myself and often lose track of time. It is as if I have been transported to another place and perhaps another time. I am sure there is a clinical term for this. I see this as a positive. I do however, know there are artists that are easily distracted by noise and activity. Those artists usually find a quiet place to work and I respect that. I know others that wear headphones and listen to music while working. While listening to music, they may be aware that others are working nearby but have tuned it out. The pros of working in a busy studio, close to other artists to interact and discuss work with by far outweigh the cons. I enjoy working in a studio with other artists.

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