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  • KC Pruitt

Value of social media for art

What do you think the value of social media is for art? Why? This is an interesting question. Artists have started using social media to promote and sell their art. The artist can create their own gallery online. The artist may use social media to blog about their art and a personal website provides a vehicle for online interactions. If self-promotion and sales are the goal of the artist, then social media has become a valuable tool. Online auctions have become commonplace. Art collectors have an inherent need to own it. For the collector, social media can be a tool to view and purchase art without hassle. Writers that have a need to talk about art may use social media as a blogger. This seems to be good for the artist, collector and writer. But, is social media with online markets valuable to art?

Most artists love to have their work displayed in a gallery exhibit. Social media has been blamed for the decline in attendance at gallery exhibitions. Obviously, a decline in attendance is not good for the gallery. Just as retailers have seen huge chunks of business go to online sources and have either adapted by using social media or face eventual liquidation. To adapt and stay in business, Galleries have established websites and use social media through necessity. Online stores are the new mail-order catalog. One truth is evident. Because of social media, everything we know is changing. Art is not exempt. Art today is very different to that of yesterday and tomorrow is an unknown but it we know will be different. The value of social media for art is rapidly changing. Whether we like it or not, change in inevitable. The true value of social media for art cannot be determined because the world is changes exponentially daily.





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