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  • KC Pruitt

Time is Relative

I made a comment in one of my papers about internet television being relative new. Then received an admonition that my comment was dated because internet television has been around for years.

I understand, if a person is young and the internet became available when they were a child or even before they were born then to them it would seem to have been around for years. Time is relative to a person’s age. Therefore, to me, my comment is valid. Things that occurred before I was born seem very old. However, things that happened, for instance when I was 50 do not see old at all. Do you remember when Harry Truman was President? I do. To me, that was a long time ago. It was not long ago when Bill Clinton was in office.

I also wrote a paper that I used books published in 1968 and 1986 references. I was told the art history and a dictionary of art, artists, terms, etc., books were old and out of date. In this case, my contention is that using the books as references, is valid because they reflected information about my subject that was current and contemporary when written. Some of the information was changed in subsequent publishing’s. I used other sources that were newer and contained more information while researching materials.

The fact is you cannot change history but it may be buried and forgotten.

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