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Musings, Expressions, Echoes and Examinations

Consider a twinkling dew drop slipping from a leaf on an overhanging limb into a still pond under a full moon. The shimmering drop splashes into the water, breaks the silence and sends ripples radiating across the previously unbroken glasslike surface. The ripples bounce on the opposite shore and return across the pond. Imagine shouting on a quiet morning and listening as the sound you made bounces against a rock canyon wall and returns the resulting echo to your ears. Think about a wrinkled piece of cloth or paper when the light transforms color from warm to cool and bright to dark. My work is informed by light, shadows, reflections and movement as it plays on different surfaces. The paintings are about capturing a moment in time and an abstract clarification of my visual experiences. These physical encounters are expressed on canvas in texture, color and values. I want to provide my viewer captivating experiences as they examine the paintings.

My works are connected by a common thread depicting reflected light and shadow. The intent is to make art that appears as if it has recesses or fissures. Some of the pieces are collages incorporating textures and layers of paint juxtaposed against a second canvas. Developing the work involves

experimentation with methods to make flat canvases give the impression of peaks and valleys that will pull the viewer in for a meticulous examination. The “what if” concept included further investigations with varying texture and color. The viewer is invited to see more painting and move closer to peek behind the threads.

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