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  • KC Pruitt

I'm Still Here

Kenneth Pruitt has worn many hats on his journey. His work is informed by numerous varied life experiences. While his contemporary paintings are nonfigurative, they do hold meanings that represent his life. Though style and technique differ, according to Pruitt, influences of Monet, van Gogh, Vermeer, and Pollock are present. His childhood memories inspire his use of light, dark and color choices hold meanings similar to those espoused by Kahlo and Goethe. Black is darkness, blue is serenity, green is rebirth, yellow is transition and white is light. He prefers acrylics on unprimed canvas.

He says his art was born in a time when it was considered presumptuous to identify oneself as an artist. To this day, He usually refers to himself as a painter. He participated in exhibitions in years past and more recently, His work was in “The Arbiters of Taste” TAMUC University Gallery August 2017, “Faculty Art Show”, Granville Art Center, December 2017 and “Party of Nine” Wathena Temple Gallery, June 2018.

Pruitt says there is always a story whether or not the artist is willing to admit it, personal experiences, happy, sad, heavy, dark or bright, always play a role in the art. He is presently developing an abstract portfolio based on his experiences in which He says, “I refused to give up. I challenged every obstacle and I am still here!”

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